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The Benefits Of Motion Powered Lights

Motion powered lights are one of the best safety devices you can purchase to ensure that you can be located while you go out walking or running in the dark. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider purchasing the best outdoor motion powered safety lights in the UK.  Power Saving: Our lights are completely battery free, powered by kinetic energy. Convenient: Our motion powered lights do not require faff with battery replacements or charging. Active Deterrents: Motion powered outdoor lights indicate your presence to passers-by and prevent accidents, keeping you safe.  Simple to attach: Just clip on the light and you're ready to go! Extended Lifespan: Our lights are designed to last a million miles.  The best outdoor motion powered safety lights are easy to...

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Switching To Eco-Friendly Running Clip On Lights

Climate change has been the driving force behind the movement towards more environmentally conscious practices. If you've been after a running light that won't negatively impact the environment then look no further.  Here are some of they key features of our eco-friendly running clip lights - Strong Design The eco-friendly running clip lights are durable, designed to last a million miles. Energy Efficient  Our lights are completely battery free, powered by kinetic energy! Weather Resistant With a full IPx6 water resistance rating, our MML is fully life proof and will even survive a washing machine. The eco-friendly running clip lights and portable outdoor no battery lights never require charging. They can easily be attached to clothing, bags or even a dog leash. Swapping...

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Why Buy A Portable Outdoor No Battery Light?

Discussions around the wellness of both humans and the planet are taking place on a global scale. We all want to make time for our health and fitness, though if we can do so while using environmentally friendly products it's even better. This is where portable outdoor no battery lights come in.  Our portable outdoor no battery lights are lightweight, small in size and easily attachable, which makes them a perfect fit to be taken wherever you go; whether it be running early before dawn, late in the evening or taking your dog for a walk. These lights will ensure your safety and can be mounted just about anywhere effortlessly. Not only that but they are designed to last a million miles, meaning you won't have...

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How Wearable Fitness Trackers Work: Smart Watches to Fitness Rings

Fitness trackers were first invented in 1965 by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano, while he was researching ways to combat obesity. He proposed that walking 10,000 steps a day would provide the correct balance of caloric intake and activity-based calorie expenditure to maintain a healthy bodyweight. Fitness trackers still tend to use 10,000 steps as a benchmark today. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how fitness trackers actually work and how accurate they are. How are steps measured? A fitness tracker senses the movement of the body on a 3-axis accelerometer which tracks movement in every direction. Some trackers also come with a gyroscope to measure orientation and rotation, which is helpful in accounting for more complex motions. The altimeter...

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The Best Running Safety Gear

Running comes with a feeling of release and freedom, but as with any sport, it’s important to feel safe when doing so. The nights are beginning to get darker, which can make us feel a lot more vulnerable. We’ve created a list of some of the best running safety gear on the market to help keep you, and your loved ones, safe. Million Mile Light £12 Now we may be a little biased, but you really can’t beat the MML when it comes to safety lights. The MML is completely battery free, powered by kinetic energy, meaning it lights up when you move. It’s powered by even the slightest movement, so it works for everyone. As it’s battery free you...

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