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10,000 steps a day – How effective really is it?

It’s often recommended that we aim for 10,000 steps a day, but where did this magic number come from? The assumption is that this number is rooted in science, but the 10k steps a day approach actually originated from a marketing campaign in the 1960s. A Japanese company called Yamasa Clock, hoping to capitalise on the buzz generated by the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, mass-produced a pedometer, called the Manpo-kei which means ‘10,000 steps meter.’ It’s likely they chose this name because the Japanese character for 10,000 resembles a person walking or running. The campaign was hugely successful and the number stuck. Now let’s dive into the research. A 2019 study by Dr. Lee found that women in their 70s...

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Get Your Clip-On Running Light

Are you looking to purchase high quality clip-on lights? Do you also want battery-free safety lights that are eco-friendly? Then you've come to the right place. Our battery-free safety lights in the UK have all that you ever want. Sleek in form and function. Buy clip-on lights online delivered to straight to your door. Our battery-free safety lights in the UK allow you to stay visible at night. A single MML produces a 180º fan of light and ensures that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away. The Million Mile Light is -  Durable Weatherproof Environmentally friendly Easily attachable Lightweight  About us The Million Mile Light was invented by Tom Lawton. Tom is an award winning British designer, inventor and environmentalist...

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All You Need To Know About The Motion Powered Portable Running Light

If you are confused about what kind of lights to purchase that keep you safe, look great with your running kit and are cost-effective then you've come to the right place. Our motion powered portable running light has all you could want in a light.  The best battery-free safety light in the UK is beneficial for you and the environment.  Here is why you should consider purchasing the best motion powered portable running light Cost-effective – Our lights are designed to last a million miles so they won't need replacing. Eco-friendly – The MML is completely battery free and powered by your motion, so it never requires charging.  Easy to clip - Attach to clothing, a bag strap or even a dog leash.  Lightweight - The MML is lightweight, designed to be...

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The Best Clip-On Running Light In The UK

Are you a fitness enthusiast who loves the outdoors, from early morning runs to late evening walks? With the changing seasons it's more important than ever to be seen in the dark, and with clip on running lights this is not a concern anymore. You can now buy clip on running lights that are durable and sustainable. Here are a few of the reasons to purchase the best clip-on running light in the UK Environmentally friendly Our lights are powered by motion, so they never require batteries or charging. Ultra bright A single MML produces a 180º fan of light and ensures that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away.  Easy to clip Our lights feature an adjustable clip...

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How Wearable Fitness Trackers Work: Smart Watches to Fitness Rings

Fitness trackers were first invented in 1965 by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano, while he was researching ways to combat obesity. He proposed that walking 10,000 steps a day would provide the correct balance of caloric intake and activity-based calorie expenditure to maintain a healthy bodyweight. Fitness trackers still tend to use 10,000 steps as a benchmark today. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how fitness trackers actually work and how accurate they are. How are steps measured? A fitness tracker senses the movement of the body on a 3-axis accelerometer which tracks movement in every direction. Some trackers also come with a gyroscope to measure orientation and rotation, which is helpful in accounting for more complex motions. The altimeter...

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